Introduction to the Company

As we speak, hundreds of workers are busy dragging pipes, filled with hazardous chemicals around plants and fields. Many of these pipes are too wide to grab by hand and require a worker to bend down and drag the pipe from point A to point B.
Unfortunately, it is this uncomfortable manner of lifting that leads to work-related hand and back injuries, With this in mind, Handle-Tech was born with a vision to create safe and efficient hose transportation methods on today’s oil and gas job sites.
The Solution

The solution is a ground-breaking safety tool, which acts as an independent, removable handle, that enables you to clamp onto numerous hoses or pipes easily and swiftly.

Handle Tech

Handle Tech Handles ensure that workers not only have the necessary tools to get their jobs done, but that they can do so safely and seamlessly.

Handle-Tech Hose & Pipe Safetly Handles